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Where Is This Vineyard?

We often have a clear picture - or so we believe - of what a wine growing area might look like, and sometimes we extrapolate that to the vineyards of an entire country. It might be a perception generated by a few well placed photos in a wine magazine, or in a travel publication. You might have seen it so long ago that you can't even remember where the perception first took root. There is nothing like visiting a wine-growing region or country, however,  to shatter those perceptions. The above photo is one I took on a wine buying trip somewhere recently. If you think you know where it is, send me an email to I will give you a hint: it is from a region that was featured in one of our Wednesday Wine Bar events in the last 12 months. If you would like to see more vineyard photography see Peter G

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Coravin™1,000, a breakthrough in wine technology

More than 2 years ago I was contacted by an industry colleague about a new wine preservation device under development. The description sounded too good to be true, but I trusted the colleague and was sufficiently curious to attend a dinner with the inventor, Greg Lambrecht and his business partner, Josh Makower. A prototype was demonstrated that evening, and over the next 4 months I journeyed from cynic, to skeptic, to the conviction that the device was truly an industry game-changer. As a member of the company’s industry advisory board, it has been a privilege to help bring the Coravin™1,000 to market.


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Tasty Selections from Louis Dressner Flight Night

Here at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant, we are grateful for importers that push the limits and Louis Dressner is no exception. This past Tuesday it was our pleasure to present a flight of wines from this extraordinary book. This flight featured eight different wines (which is more than usual!); Dressner brought with him four of his all-star producers including Johannes Lochner of Pfalz, Germany, Evelyne de Jessey of the Loire Valley, Frank Peillot from the Savoie, and Francesca Padovani from Tuscany...

This detailed account of this special tasting is from one of our merchants, Kylie-Ayn Kennedy. Click below for the tasting notes.



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Lovely Sparklers from Around the World

It’s no secret that we love sparkling wines. They are festive and appropriate for every holiday. On the evening before Valentine’s Day last week, we started celebrating a day early with five sparkling wines from around the world.

Deena Smith of the Henry Wine Group was on hand to tell us more about the amazing line-up of bubbles featuring Italian Prosecco; Cava Rosé; sparkling Gavi from Piedmont, Italy; and two Champagnes. Here are tasting notes of the sparklers we fell in love with…


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