Not too long ago, when people bought provisions for their homes, they went to a merchant. You know: a butcher, a baker, a get the idea. Anyway, merchants were professionals who we trusted to understand our tastes, help us explore and nurture those tastes, and truly enjoy our every-day meals. That's why dinner at Grandma's house was always so good. She knew how important a merchant was.

Nowadays, there may be lots of places to buy wine, but there aren't too many real wine merchants. A real wine merchant understands wine. A real wine merchant has the courage and experience to find and present new discoveries because they know the producers...not just because they read a few magazines. A real wine merchant can ask the right questions to help make your wine experience fun and unique—whether it's dinner on Tuesday night, or a once in a lifetime event.

At the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant, we are obsessed—make that possessed—by what it means to be a real wine merchant. We put the wines that we love on the shelves & the wines that we have evaluated and selected with care and passion. That's why we proudly say: "We spit so you don't have to! " 

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